Market segment for our CNC Precision Machine Shop can roughly be divided into four:

From the order size perspective, the machining jobs are roughly divided into following categories:

  • Regular Production Runs (usually 1000+ pcs/ lot)
  • Small Production Runs (Usually 100-1000 pcs/ lot)
  • Special Runs (Usually 5-100 pcs/ lot)
  • Prototypes or Fixtures (usually 1-4 pcs/ lot)

To maximize the cost and delivery efficiencies, we treat each of these categories separately:

  • Regular Production Runs: Engineering dollars are invested into building fixtures and optimizing machine runs
  • Small Production Runs: Engineering dollars are usually invested into optimizing machine runs and/ or simple fixtures.
  • Special Runs: Evaluated for feasibility of investing Engineering dollars
  • Prototypes or Fixtures: Usually programming is done right at the machine.

Geographically, our precision machining market can be divided into the following regions:

  • Greater Milwaukee - Greater Chicago area
  • Local States: Wisconsin, Illinois and Minnesota
  • Midwest Region: In addition to WI, IL and MN, it also includes IA, MI, IN, OH, MO, KY, ND, SD, NE, KS
  • Other states in the USA
  • Outside USA