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We currently offer two product lines:

  • Bolts for the refiner plates in the paper industry
  • Chipper knives


Refiner plates in the paper industry go through tremendous forces and work in a very corrosive high temperature environment. Most paper mills utilize stainless steel bolts provided by the OEM of the Refiners or the plate manufacturers. These OEMs and/ or Plate Manufacturers usually either buy these bolts off the shelf or have them custom made.

For some of the low intensity applications, a normal off the shelf stainless steel (such as 316SS) bolt may suffice. However these have the following disadvantages:

  • The off the shelf bolts have very liberal tolerance on the fit class of the thread. Because these bolts are made in several tens of thousands in a given lot, the threads differences in them could lead to either ruining the thread on the refiner or replacement of the helicoils - if so provided. In Drill & Tap designs of the refiner plates, this is not so critical issue, because each plate is only used once. However if the bolt is fastened to the refiner, it may lead to some serious issues in long run.
  • The off the shelf bolts also have very liberal tolerances on the length of the bolt (the distance from under the Hex to the end of the bolt). This variation in the distance may create significant issues for refiner plates that have Drill & Tap configuration, because the plates allow only a definite space for the length of the bolt. Because of the structural issues of the plates, the plates supplier provide the minimum possible space for the bolt. Therefore, a slightly longer bolt may lift the plate a few thousandth of an inch from its location, which makes it prone to failure - leading to catastrophic failure.
  • The off the shelf stainless steel bolts are usually made from 316 or 304 SS, which provide some corrosion resistance and have higher tensile strength than carbon steels, however they are not at the top of the class. There are other stainless steels that provide significantly better strength, ductility and corrosion resistance.

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Chipper Knives

Most of the chipper knives are currently supplied by the specialty chipper knife manufacturers or the chipper OEMs. They guard their market share by being very secretive. In reality, chipper knives are not a rocket science. Here are a few things that may help unravel their mystery.

For the longer lives of the knives, the knives are made out of tool steels. Most popular tool steels are:

  • O-1
  • D-2
  • M-2

These can further be heat treated to provide them specific properties.

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