We maximize your return by becoming an integral part of your process and team. Our precision machining shop can serve as a reliable partner to your business.


  • Custom made parts
  • Store brand name parts
  •     brand parts

We have targeted programs for each sub-segment to specially meet your need. Email us at Distributors@American-Machining.com to find what targeted programs are designed specially for you.

We also have free educational programs for you to learn how to reduce your machining cost and how to develop your brand.

Custom Made Parts

If you don’t have a part on your shelf – we will machine it! This program allows you access to a very wide B2B market that relies upon parts that are not available as “off the shelf” items.

We have knowledge and experience - we can help - Distributors@American-Machining.com

Store Brand Name Parts

Many of the distributors think that the own name brand products can only be developed for either those products that have very high consumption rate or only for those distributors that have several chains. We specialize on developing your brand name products for items that have an annual consumption from a few items to few thousands. Please contact us for more details.

We also offer training on How to Develop your own Brand.

We specialize in CNC Precision Machining and one of our core competence is to provide educational/ learning tools to our customers. Please take advantage of these tools.

We have knowledge and experience - we can help - Distributors@American-Machining.com

  Brand Products

There are situations when it is preferable to use   brand products. Ask us how we can help.