Entrepreneurs and innovators are at the very core ideal of America. This spirit is what made our country great. We work with Innovators and Entrepreneurs to become part of their team and provide them the manufacturing base that they rarely have access to.

We work with all quantities. We understand that as you innovate or bring new products to the market place, your consumption of these products will be less. As your business grows, so would the demand for these products. You need a manufacturing partner who understands your changing needs and can accommodate the changing low volume requirements but also has the ability to adapt to higher volume as your business picks up. You also need a partner who would guide you through the process of reducing your manufacturing cost. To many innovators' surprise, the cost of their manufacturing can significantly be reduced by a few simple steps. Please do not hesistate to take advantage of two of our educational programs:

How to reduce your machining cost

How to build your brand

We specailize in precision machining and manufacturing of parts. Lets create a win-win strategy together - Innovators@American-Machining.com