We are actively looking for Sales Reps!

Contact us: SalesReps@American-Machining.com

Programs for Sales Reps:

We have several programs for giving your sales a boost. Some of the programs that we offer are:

Commission Structure:

We offer a commission structure that is superior and rewards you for the business value that you bring. Contact us for more information.

Free Training:

Whereas there is NO requirement for the sales reps to attend our training, we do offer a free training program that not only will help you in selling our products, but also help you sell other products that you currently offer.


There are no requirements on how many hours you spend on the road and there are no requirements for filling out the endless paperwork - this gives you more time to sell and less time doing the administrative work.

Commission guarantee:

Our sales reps are assigned by the customer. So, once you have brought the business from a customer to us and you have a signed copy of the agreement with us - you get commission on that customer - even if the customer calls us and places an order of which you do not know.

Commission Payout:

We pay the commission within 2 weeks of receiving the payment on the PO.

Free programs for your customer:

You can enhance your image by offering free educational programs to your customers through us. For more information, click on Learning Center.

We also have various programs to keep your customer costs low, such as:

  1. Blanket Orders: We have special lower pricing for blanket orders where the customers can save money.
  2. CREATE: Customer Retention and Expansion Target - under this program, we try to beat or meet the competitor's price and terms. This way, your customer get the quality and the reliability that American offers, and yet have the lowest price possible.

Ideal Profile for Sales Rep:

If you are already visiting either the manufacturing companies or the distributors or know people in the manufacturing industry - you may be an ideal person for the Sales Rep.

We encourage you to represent more than just our products because we believe that you create synergies.

For more information, contact us: SalesReps@American-Machining.com

FAQ for Sales Reps:

1. Am I paid a base salary in addition to the commission:

No. All of our sales reps are commission based only. This way your commission percentage is higher than what it would have been with the base salary and it provides incentives to those sales agencies who bring more business.

2. Am I assigned a sales territory and would I get commission on the sales that are generated within my territory even if the PO does not come through me or my agency?

Our sales territories are NOT assigned geographically. We assign sales territory by the Customer. If the customer who is assigned to you, directly calls and places an order - you still get paid commission.

3. How a customer becomes my part of sales territory?

When a new customer places a PO that was generated through your efforts, that customer becomes part of your sales territory.

4. Can I represent other products while representing American Manufacturing?

We encourage you to represent other products and services (that we do not offer or can not offer) because we believe there is synergy in this. However, you can represent only us for the products and the services that we offer.

5. What if I want to terminate the contract?

Both parties are free to terminate the contract for any reason with a written notice of 90 days.

6. Would I get sales leads?

We primarily rely upon your sales leads. However during our free training, we can provide resources on how to find businesses.

7. Is a contract required?

If you choose to work without the contract/ agreement, you get the commission only on the POs that the customer places through you. However, if you have a signed agreement, you get commission on all the POs that the customer places whether through you or directly with us. The agreement is simple and straightforward and basically requires that we agree to pay you commission on all the POs from the customers that are assigned to you and you agree to represent only our machine shop for the products and the services that we offer to those customers that are assigned to you and either party can terminate the contract by giving a 90 day notice. We give you the choice if you want to work with or without the agreement.

8. What are the pros and cons of the signed agreement?

Pros: You get the commission on all the POs that your assigned customer places. This way, once a customer is assigned to you, you don't have to worry about ensuring that each PO comes through you.

Cons: You are required to sign an agreement, which means that if you want to leave us at any time, you must provide a 90 day notice.

9. How do I begin?

contact us: SalesReps@American-Machining.com