American Manufacturing & Machining believes that quality is our #1 responsibility. To meet or exceed customer's specification, we continue to invest in right tools, machines and training.

We have several advanced quality assurance & measurement machines and tools such as CMM, optical comparators, surface finish tester, bore gaging, hardness tester, miscellaneous thread gaging, etc. These tools assure that we are meeting or exceeding customer expectations for tight tolerances and desired surface finish for the precision machined parts.

In addition to the tools, we also have invested in training of our operators. For example, all of our operators are trained in almost all of the quality testing equipments. This reduces the transaction times and costs that are associated when the production and testing jobs are separated.

However, we understand that not all the jobs can be distributed among all the employees and we have created an accountability structure for gaging that requires regular calibration and/ or record keeping. For this, we have assigned the accountability with one person Tom Buenos - Quality Control Supervisor.